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Say goodbye to busywork and uncomplicate your life.

Our Process

What do tech accountants do differently? We glue all your moving parts together, transfer it all online, and talk to you about what you should do next.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is linking all your time-consuming processes, automating them, and sitting back to watch the accounting equivalent of a perpetual motion machine.

Process audits
Receipt tracking
Zapier automation
Inventory management

Cloud Accounting

We do all the tasks you’d expect an accountant to handle but we do it online. Payroll, BAS statements, tax returns and more, all done cloud-style.

Tax return

Remote CFO

A remote CFO is a business owner’s best friend. Except instead of ruining your carpet, we crunch numbers, advise on cash flow, and strategise on the best way to grow your business.

KPI development
Cost planning
Strategy meetings

Client Testimonials

Just some of our raving fans, singing our praises, not a big deal (jokes, it’s a huge deal, we love it).

Having a tech geek integrated into your business is great. You can feel your business becoming more efficient, and it's not just with the finances.

Avatar test nick
Nick Parker

Creative Director

Crunchlab's process has been seamless from the very beginning. I have really enjoyed their use of technology to make things convenient for me.

Beth 03
Beth Mitchell

Fine Arts Photographer

We chose Crunchlab because they have the forward thinking focus to help us approach our business problems from a solution-oriented mindset.

Testimonial 02 avatar
Jack Clayfield


Meet the Crunchers

We're digital-native accountants who grew up on the internet and remember the glory days of Myspace. We’re the nerds you want in charge of your finances.

223 A3857 edit 20230228011159 Large

Hani El-Rafei

Founder, CPA
Maryann Photo 2

Maryann Torres

Accountant, CPA

Crunchlab Plans

Fixed fee but stretchy plans that grow with you.

Starting 2x


For the just-getting-starteds who need a bit of help.

Initial systems review
Weekly bookkeeping
Receipt tracking
BAS lodgement
Financials & tax return

Starting from

$ 420 / MO
plus GST
Sounds like me
Growing 2x


For the going-pretty-wells who have bigger fish to fry.

Initial systems review
Weekly bookkeeping
Receipt tracking
BAS lodgement
Financials & tax return
Payroll management
Monthly strategy meetings
Annual tax planning

Starting from

$ 850 / MO
plus GST
I'm on my way

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